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UTI - Datalogger for the UTEC
Version: 4.0.1
UTI is an amazing program that syncs up with your TurboXS UTEC and performs intelligent data-logging tasks, as well as provide a graphical-user-interface to aid in tuning. It works with most popular formats, including the WRX, STI, and 350Z.
A variety of features are available to you. Here are a few of them:
  • AutologgingAutomatically logs based on your desired input, such as RPM, boost, throttle, and engine load.
  • Termination-delayTermination-delay keeps you logging even if you fall out of your conditions, such as when shifting, braking, etc. Great for the drag strip or autocross!
  • AutomationProgram Automation will cause UTI to perform tasks for you automatically such as connect, show the 'dashboard', save the pull report, and save the knock report.
  • Fast-LoggingFast-Logging allows you to log faster than the standard 4.7 lines/second. How does 25 lines per second sound? You can opt to do it all the time, never, or just during pulls.
  • Sound FeedbackAudible warnings such as Overboost, overheating, knock, and an intelligent shift-alert that warns you ahead of time when you should shift, based on your desired shift point and advance warning.
  • Event VocalizationVocal alerts notify you when the program launches, connects, synchronizes, logs and saves a log. You can choose any you like, and also select a male or female voice.
  • Customizable OutputCompletely customizable logger-1 log output. You can choose which item you want to save in your logs. You can also move around the Wideband O2 value.
  • Wideband SupportThe use of an external wideband is also possible, including the AEM UEGO, Innovate LM-1, or a TurboXS Tuner(Pro).
  • 2-d Visual TablesTables for every piece of incomming data are provided to show you the state of your tune in a very easy-to-understand form. These update in real-time!
  • SkinnableCompletely skinnable GUI enables you to have it look like whatever you want. There are many user skins available for download. Text Colors are also customizable.
  • Log PlaybackNow you have the ability to playback logs and have it register in UTI as actual data.
  • PLX Support You can use a PLX wideband unit to access your wideband O2 information.
System Requirements
  • Windows, Linux, or OS X(Any OS with a Java runtime)
  • Java Runtime Environment, aka JRE
  • Serial Port or USB-to-Serial Adapter
  • TurboXS UTEC or Delta
  • Works with: WRX, STI, 350Z, G35
  • Wideband Support for: TurboXS Tuner(Pro), AEM UEGO, Innovate LM-1/LC-1, PLX R-500/R-300

UTI-ME is available for download free when you purchase UTI.

$24.95 USD
*UTI is not officially endorsed or supported by TurboXS.
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