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UTI-ME - Map Editor for the UTECVersion: 4.0.1

UTI-ME is a powerful map editor designed to work with UTEC maps, but its star feature is the ability to integrate with UTI so you can modify your maps based on your tuning data obtained with UTI, mainly the 'Auto-Tune' feature.

A variety of features are available to you. Here are a few of them:
  • The ability to work on both AFR-Target maps and UTEC maps
  • Color-coding for easy identification of map structure, as well as easy identification of errors
  • Cell smoothening allows you to smoothen out an area of a map to remove harsh transitions
  • Complete customization of how smoothening is performed
  • Single Row/Column interpolation for perfect transitioning
  • Mass Row/Column interpolation for modifying large portions of a map
  • Powerful 2-d interpolation for amazing transition effects over a large portion of a map
$9.95 USD
*UTI-ME is not officially endorsed or supported by TurboXS.


AFR-Target Map


2-d Interpolation

Smoothening Function